Aborym: Drummer geht, Gitarrist kommt

Zuletzt machten die Industrial-Black-Metaller von ABORYM mit dem Musikvideo zu „Bleedthrough“ auf sich aufmerksam (Metal1 berichtete), nun verkündete das Label der Italiener, Agonia Records, dass Schlagzeuger Bard „Faust“ Eithun die Band verlassen wird.

Sein Statement dazu findet ihr hier:
After the Emperor-gigs this summer it is my intention to calm down the band activities. Basically because I have reached a point where it is difficult to combine being in a band with family and other commitments and I am slightly fed up „being in a band“ as such. Sadly this also involves ABORYM so it is with a sad heart I have decided to leave the band with immediate effect. Next year I would have been a part of the band for 10 years and I appreciate the three albums we made together. However, it is time to leave the drum chair for someone who are actually able to provide the time and effort the band requires. I wish both Fabban and Paolo Pieri the best of luck with their future endeavours.

Außerdem gab das Label weiterhin bekannt, dass ABORYM zukünftig von Giulio Moschini (Hour Of Penance) an der Gitarre unterstützt werden wird.

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