Alcatraz Festival: Das sind die Bands vom „Thrashing Thursday“

Das Belgische ALCATRAZ FESTIVAL bestätigt derzeit in wenigen Schüben alle Bands, die bereits für die 2022er-Ausgabe gebucht sind. Der heutige Donnerstag wurde kurzerhand zum „Thrashing Thursday“ erklärt – entsprechend fiel die heutige Bestägigungswelle aus. Am morgigen Tag stehen dann Band-Veröffentlichungen aus den Bereichen Sludge, Experimental und Psychedelic an.

For a festival that started out as an event with a predilection for (Bay Area) thrash today’s announcement is very close to home. Next year we will have the pleasure of welcoming a generous selection of seminal thrash bands from the San Francisco area with Testament, Exodus, Death Angel, Heathen and Vio-Lence. Also, Phil Anselmo will play a set with nothing but Pantera classics and we’re also looking forward to a new Cyclone chapter at Alcatraz as well as fellow heroes-from-back-in-the-day Warhead.

Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals
Death Angel
Vio-Lence Offical Page
Municipal Waste
Satan (Band)
Cyclone official bandpage
TWOS • Turbowarrior of Steel
Lethal Injury
❗ If you like your music a bit more sluggish, experimental and psychedelic and you enjoy the occasional toke then tomorrow is your day ❗

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