Alcest und Prophecy Productions gehen getrennte Wege

Wie PROPHECY PRODUCTIONS über Facebook bekanntgegeben haben, werden die französischen Post-Metaller ALCEST ihr nächstes Album nicht mehr über das deutsche Label veröffentlichen. Neige kommentiert die Trennung zwar, gibt aber zunächst keine weiteren Informationen dazu, bei welchem Label ALCEST stattdessen unterschrieben haben.

Hier das Statement von PROPHECY PRODUCTIONS:

„It is with a heavy heart that we at Prophecy Productions share we will not be releasing the upcoming Alcest album. The pioneering Frenchmen are heading off to explore new, exciting shores where we wish them all the best. They will remain an integral part of the Prophecy Productions family and stay in our spirits forever, where we look upon them with immense pride. In fact, we are reaffirming these bonds with the announcement of Alcest performing at Prophecy Fest 2019, where they will be debuting new material. To Alcest – thank you so much for all these years of incredible partnership, and to their fans – thank you for joining us on this journey.“

Das Statement von Neige im O-Ton:

„A new chapter is about to start for Alcest as the band and Prophecy Productions are parting ways, most amicably. We are very grateful for the passionate work Prophecy have done for us over these 12 years together and of course wish the label nothing but the very best. This is however not the end of the collaboration between Alcest and Prophecy as we continue to work together in terms of back-catalogue with Alcest’s previous releases in the future and we also look forward to being part of Prophecy Fest 2019. More details to be revealed soon…“

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