Alestorm kündigen neues Album an, Trackist und Cover veröffentlicht

Am 24. Juni werden die Piraten-Metaller von ALESTORM ihr nächstes Album veröffentlichen. Das nunmehr siebte Werk der Band trägt in Anlehnung an das bekannte Iron-Maiden-Album von 1999 den Titel „Seventh Rum Of A Seventh Rum“.

Das Cover von Dan Goldsworthy und die Tracklist gibt es bereits heute zu sehen:

1. Magellan’s Expedition
2. The Battle of Cape Fear River
3. Cannonball
4. P.A.R.T.Y.
5. Under Blackened Banners
6. Magyarország
7. Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum
8. Bite the Hook Hand That Feeds
9. Return to Tortuga
10. Come to Brazil
11. Wooden Leg (Part III)

Die Band verspricht dabei eine Rückbesinnung auf die Zeit vor 2014: „If you think that everything we’ve released since 2014 is absolute garbage, then you’re gonna love this album! We’ve stuffed 77% more giant metal riffs and epic orchestral adventures into these songs, and it all actually sounds kinda cool. But if you’re a fan of Lamborghinis, Rubber Ducks and Swearing – don’t despair! We’ve also somehow managed to write some of our most moronic and offensive party anthems ever for this record as well.
The whole thing is once again produced by the legendary wizard Lasse Lammert, and there’s guest appearances from all our favorite friends, including Captain Yarrface on vocals, Patty Gurdy on hurdygurdy, Ally Storch on violin, Matt Cockram on egg, and even an entire choir singing in badly translated Latin courtesy of the guys and girls from Hellscore.
We’ll have preorder information soon, plus of course some cool music videos before the album comes out. Stay tuned for more news!“

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