Amorphis mit neuer Webisode aus dem Studio

Amorphis haben bereits mit zwei Videos die Entstehung ihres neuen Albums dokumentiert. Eine dritte Webepisode wurde nun veröffentlicht. Tatsächlich geht es darin aber erst gegen Ende um das Album – seht am besten selbst.

Mit „harten Fakten“ versorgt dafür Gitarrist und Gründungsmitglied Esa Holopainen die Fans:
„The recording process is going well. We’re done with most of the instruments and now Peter Tägtgren and Tomi Joutsen are working their asses off with vocals. […] Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had some really intense rehearsing for the forthcoming album. Originally we laid down around 20 new songs as demos, now we are proceeding with 14 tracks.
I’m really thrilled about the idea to take a major step away from the so-called routines that we’ve had with our last records. „While promoting ‚The Beginning Of Times‘, we started to feel that we were giving the same explanations over and over again when people asked about the studio process and how the songs came about. Even though the music was very strong, the making process didn’t offer any surprises and appeared to be quite secured. Now the addition of a new dimension to the developing process has inspired us to focus on our material even more. The songs are extremely strong, bombastic and skull-pummelling.“


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