Anthrax mit neuem Detail

ANTHRAX haben ihre Fans zuletzt häppchenweise mit Informationen rund um das neue Album „For All Kings“ gefüttert. Jetzt zeigt die Band auch das Artwork zur neuen Scheibe.

Schlagzeuger Charlie Benante sagte dazu: „The cover art for this record is again done by Alex Ross, who is probably one of the greatest artists living. And he did our previous covers. My idea for this one was to show this hall and these huge statues of these kings – who, of course, are us – and trying to tie in the last album cover with these creatures who are drawn into this room with our ANTHRAX ‚A.‘ This one, you’ll see those creatures in this hall kind of trying to reach up at these kings. We tried to tie in the last two album covers with this album cover. And when you see it, it’s beautiful. It’s grandiose. It just has this beautiful look to it. And, yeah, it’s gonna be a great album cover.“


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