August Burns Red: Neues Album 2015?

Matt Greiner, Schlagzeuger von AUGUST BURNS RED, verkündete unlängst in einem Interview, dass die Metalcore-Band wahrscheinlich noch in diesem Winter beginnen wird, den Nachfolger von „Rescue And Restore“ (2013) aufzunehmen.

Weiteres könnt ihr diesem Auszug aus dem Interview entnehmen:
We are going to be writing and recording this year. People forget you if you don’t put out music often, as far as I can see. It’s very important to support the record you just wrote and recorded by touring and then as soon as you can find the right time window to start a new one, do it. A record only lasts a year, a year and a half, maybe two years until you say, ‚Okay maybe now we need new content‘ and then that’s going to take six months. It’s all about trying to stay ahead of that curve, looking ahead and seeing when you want that new release and then pulling back six months and saying, ‚Here’s where we need to start.‘ We’ll be heading home this fall and writing and recording over the winter.

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