The Black Dahlia Murder: Trennung von Gitarrist

Nach sieben Jahren gehen THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER und ihr Gitarrist Ryan Knight nun getrennte Wege. Knight sagte, die Entscheidung sei ihm nicht leicht gefallen. In Zukunft will er weiterhin Gitarrenuntericht geben und komponieren.

Für die kommende US-Tour holen sich die Melodic Death-Metaller nun Unterstützung von Brandon Ellis.

Hier die Statements von Ryan Knight und THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER-Fronter Trevor Strnad.

Knight: „The decision to leave was very difficult, yet necessary I feel for me to ultimately be happy and keep moving forward. I feel very lucky to have had the best band-mates and crew – past and present – to traverse the world, guzzle beers, and bring the rock with every night.“

Strnad: “He made a lot of sacrifices to be with us and uphold our insanely demanding touring and recording schedule. He always gave us 100% and for that I thank him. He is an incredible musician and creative force. Knight is one of my best friends and I wish him the best in everything he does. He will always have a place here in the TBDM family. I look back at our time together with nothing but gratitude.”

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