Borknagar stellen neuen Gitarristen vor

Die Avantgarde Metaller BORKNAGAR haben heute ihren neuen Gitarristen Jostein Thomassen vorgestellt. Thomassen übernimmt den Posten von Jens F. Ryland und war bereits an den Arbeiten zum neuen Album beteiligt. Mit Bands wie Profane Burial, Viper Solfa, Fracture oder Source Of Tide konnte Thomassen schon einige Erfahrungen als Gitarrist sammeln.

Øystein G. Brun sagt über die Neuverpflichtung: „I am extremely happy to get a new axeman at my side, and it has been a pleasure to learn to know Jostein both as a person and as a musician. We have already rehearsed quite some together this winter, but also worked intensely here in my Crosound Studio to record guitars for the upcoming album. I am truly amazed by the level of professionalism and dedication Jostein has shown throughout the process. And I stand in awe for his crispy clear tone, precision and beautiful feel as a guitarist. Onward mate!“

Jostein selbst kommentiert das Ganze wie folgt: „Borknagar’s music is a perfect match for my musical taste and playing style. Melodic, raw and
challenging. I’m honoured to be a part of the band and look much forward to share the stage with allof them for the upcoming gigs. The last months work together with Øystein, with both new and older songs, have been rewarding as a guitarist, learning new ways of musical thinking. His sharp sense of details in musical compositions, sound and chord progressions truly makes the Borknagar sound unique! Watch out… amazing release ahead!“

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