Bury Tomorrow: Album erscheint später

Eigentlich sollte es in neun Tagen in den Läden stehen, doch die Corona-Pandemie macht auch den Briten von BURY TOMORROW einen Strich durch die Rechnung: Ihr kommendes Album „Cannibal“ erscheint nun am 03.07.2020 und nicht wie geplant am 03.04. Die Band selbst gab folgendes Statement dazu ab:

„Hey guys,

So as the situation with COVID19 escalates, we’ve been realising that it’s going to be a near impossible task to release Cannibal on April 3rd. To be straight with you, we just can’t guarantee anyone would receive their physical copy in time or in fact if it would arrive at all.
We’ve spoke with our team and have decided that July 3rd is the best alternative for us to release this record, not only can we guarantee everyone will have the record on this date but we also hope that this pandemic will be on the decline by then and we can give this record the release we all want!
We really appreciate your patience and understanding, we know this sucks and we are all gutted. We will be doing all we can to keep you informed and updated along the way.
Expect to hear more of the record over the next few months and also a lot of digital interaction from us!

Jason, Dav, Dan, Kristan & Adam.“

Neue Termine zu den verschobenen Release-Shows in Hamburg und Wiesbaden gibt es derweil noch nicht.


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