Cavalera Conspiracy: Neues Album 2014

Die Thrash-Metal-Kombo CAVALERA CONSPIRACY um die Brüder Max und Igor Cavalera ist das neueste Mitglied bei Napalm Records. Wie aus den Statements der beiden zu entnehmen ist, wird deren drittes Full-Length 2014 erscheinen:

I am so excited that CAVALERA CONSPIRACY has signed with Napalm Records. This is gonna be our third album and it’s going to be a brutal grind-core style. I am already working on the riffs, and it is going to come out next year. Get ready to be brutalized by CAVALERA CONSPIRACY and Napalm Records!

I am very excited to record the new CC record…Me and Max have been planning this for a while, and all I can say is that it will be a „brutal“ record. Also I’m super proud to join Napalm Records, home of lots of amazing artists.

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