Cryptopsy mit Verstärkung

Lead-Gitarrist und Songwriter Jon Levassour ist zu den kanadischen Extrem Metallern CRYPTOPSY zurück gekehrt. Youri Raymond, der bisher an der Gitarre zu Gange war, spielt nun Bass, da der vorherige Bassist Eric Langois die Band verlassen hat.

Die Band sagte dazu: „[…] The combination of Jon and Chris Donaldson has revived the power and energy of the infamous CRYPTOPSY string section, without losing the backup vocal and creative talent of Youri Raymond who is now playing the six string bass for the rhythm section. Eric Langlois has, for now, decided to step back and take a break from the CRYPTOPSY family. The reborn and fully motivated chemistry of Matt, Chris, Youri, Jon and Flo is determined to make an impact in 2011 and beyond. New material is in the works (with the [current] lineup) and will be available to all with your support in late 2011. Meanwhile, three new songs have been completed and will soon be featured on a final Century Media release. This meaning, the future is ours and yours and promises to be true CRYPTOPSY.“

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