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Die Landshuter Black Metaller DARK FORTRESS haben sich auf Facebook aus dem Studio gemeldet. Die Band arbeitet dort aktuell an ihren achten Studioalbum, das Ende Februar 2020 über Century Media Records veröffentlicht werden soll. Mix und Master übernimmt Gitarrist V. Santura in seinem Woodshed Studio.

V. Santura kommentiert:

“We have been working intensely on our new album over various sessions in the last couple of months. The title will be “Spectres from the Old World”. We decided to keep quite silent and vague about the process but now the recordings are basically completed. We have just finished recording all of the lead vocals with Morean on Monday, and only a few last details and two guitar solos are missing. Again, I am blown away by the power and versatility of Morean’s vocals. “Spectres from the Old World” will probably be perceived as less “progressive” than its two predecessors “Venereal Dawn” and “Ylem”, but it is more compact, super intense and I love the sheer power and dark energy it bursts forth.”

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