Der Weg Einer Freiheit: Wechsel an der Gitarre

DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT haben die Trennung von ihrem Gitarristen Sascha Rissling bekannt gegeben. Demnach verlässt Riessling die Band auf eigenen Wunsch, um seinen eigenen musikalischen Visionen folgen zu können. Er wird die Band allerdins weiterhin im Hintergrund unterstützen. An seine Stelle tritt nun Nico Rausch, der bereits 2011 an der Gitarre ausgeholfen hatte.

Hier das gesamte Statement der Band:

“With this news it’s also time to let you know that our long-time guitarist Sascha Rissling decided to leave the band to pursue his own musical visions. Whenever possible he still will be active for our band behind the stage, setting up our gear and taking care of all the technical things that keep our shows running. We thank him for all his passion and time he put into DWEF and wish him the very best for his future! At the same time we want to introduce our new guitarist Nico who has already been our live guitarist for some shows in 2011 and now returned to fill in for Sascha. The past three shows with him including our release show at Summer Breeze went really well and we’re more than ready to finally put out FINISTERRE and get back on tour in September/October!”

Auch Sascha Rissling äußert sich zu seinem Ausstieg:

“I want to use this opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to DWEF in any way, shape or form over the past 6 years and everyone who is going to because I will be with the band behind the stage whenever possible and you might see me jump around before the show to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible. This way I can keep working with my best friends.

This decision was definitely not easy and took a long time to develop but I just have to move on in a musical sense and free up my creative brain-space for my other band Fuck You And Die and a new metal band venture that is taking a huge part of my time, passion and care. If you would like to connect and catch up with me – feel free to hit me up on the socials. Please enjoy FINISTERRE, as it is a magnificent piece of art and I highly believe in Nikita’s way of creating music. Thank you again and see you soon! Probably sooner than you might think.

Sincerely, Sascha.”

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