Fortíð unterschreiben bei Prophecy

FORTÍÐ haben einen über mehrere Alben laufenden Vertrag bei Prophecy Productions unterschrieben. Die Isländer werden noch im Laufe diesen Jahres ihr sechstes Studioalbum veröffentlichen.

Einar Eldur Thorberg sagt über den Deal: „We are both pleased and proud to announce our signing with Prophecy Productions. I am already working with the label through my other band, Katla. It feels right to have the same home for Fortíð as we have already started syncronising well with them on professional and even friendly terms. We will start by releasing our sixth studio album via Prophecy in December. It feels great to be back on track after our long hiatus. Like it or not, you will be hearing a lot more from us in future. Cheers to the Germans!“

SKPR-Gründer Martin Koller fügt hinzu: „It is with great pleasure that I can announce the signing of Fortíð. Ever since ‚Thor’s Anger‘ landet on my desk back in 2003, I have been interested in Einar’s band and their steady development with each consecutive release. What is important to me is their individual stylistic handwriting that clevery combines elements from the darker side of heavy metal with a feeling for folkish Icelandic melodies. Welcome to Prophecy Productions!“

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