Grave Pleasures ohne Gitarristin

Die finnischen Rocker von GRAVE PLEASURES und ihre bisherige Gitarristin Linnéa Olsson gehen ab sofort getrennte Wege. Wie die Gruppe und Olsson auf den offiziellen Band-Kanälen verlauten lassen, hat die Musikerin die Gruppe im Guten verlassen, um sich auf ihre eigenen Projekte zu konzentrieren. Lest hier die vollständigen Statements im O-Ton:

“We would like to thank Linnéa from the bottom of our hearts and wish her all the best on her new path. We will always be very proud of her and the work we did together. GRAVE PLEASURES continues to rock and roll onward. We will announce our future plans very soon.”

Statement von Linnéa Olson:

“GRAVE PLEASURES has been an intense adventure and creative experiment. This past year and a half has allowed me to grow as a songwriter and performer, and to experience life and music from strange and new perspectives.

Now the time is right for me to take the next step, and therefore I’ve made the decision to leave the band. I will focus on my own project, which hopefully will be in presentable shape later in the year!

A huge thank you to Uno, Juho, Mat & Valtteri, as well as all you people along the road for your much valued support. I hope to see you in the next chapter.

With Love, To the Death


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