Graveyard enthüllen Details zu neuem Album

„…For Thine Is the Darkness“ ist der Titel des neuen Albums von GRAVEYARD. Es wird siebzehn Songs beinhalten und am 29. April 2016 über War Anthem Records als CD und LP veröffentlicht.

Bezüglich des neue Albums findet Gitarrist Javi folgende Worte: „‚…For Thine Is the Darkness‘ is probably our most mature and personal album. It is more atmospheric, epic, grandiose and majestic than anything we have done before. The new album is also our most original work in terms of departing form the usual „old school Death Metal“ formula. It’s maybe the purest Death Metal music we have ever written. Traditionally, the third record is a milestone in the career of a band and we honestly believe that ‚…For Thine Is the Darkness‘ is up to the expectations.”

1. Almulk Biallawn Al’Asfar
2. With Fear and Thirst
3. Threshold I
4. Mine is the Shining Light
5. Threshold II
6. The Mighty Colums of Irem
7. Threshold III
8. Hidden Amidst the Stars
9. Threshold IV
10. To Earth and Death
11. Threshold V
12. Defy & Conquer
13. Threshold VI
14. The Womb of the Desert
15. Threshold VII
16. Son of the Aeon / Sun of the Daemon
17. Alqabr Al’Abdi

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