Hypocrisy veröffentlichen Live-DVD

Die schwedischen Death Legenden HYPOCRISY werden am 14. Oktober ihre neue DVD “Hell over Sofia- 20 Years of chaos and confusion” veröffentlichen.
Mikael Hedlund dazu: “Finally after 20 years a DVD will be released to tell you the truth of Hypocrisy. It’s called “Hell over Sofia- 20 Years of chaos and confusion”. It will contain a full concert from our last tour “Long time, No death” 2010 in Blue Box Club in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was a show that had everything! The crowd was helping us doing one of our best shows ever in our history and it was recorded with several cameras. The DVD will also contain a one and a half hour documentary that will show you our 20 years of chaos and confusion. We would like to give our fans the true story of the past and give them all the details what have happened on our jurney over all these years.“

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