I.C.S Vortex zurück bei Borknagar

Seit seinem Ausstieg bei Dimmu Borgir brodelte die Gerüchteküche – nun ist es offiziell: Sänger und Bassist I.C.S Vortex ist in beiden Funktionen wieder fester Bestandteil von BORKNAGAR, wobei er sich die Gesangspassagen mit Vintersorg teilen wird.
I.C.S. Vortex hatte bereits 2010 nach zehnjähriger Pause als Gast-Sänger am letzten BORKNAGAR-Album, „Universal“, mitgewirkt.

Um diese Wiedervereinigung von Vintersorg und I.C.S. Vortex zu feiern, gaben die Veranstalter des Inferno Festivals bereits jetzt bekannt, dass BORKNAGAR 2012 mit beiden Sängern als Headliner auf der Bühne stehen werden.

Die Musiker kommentieren die Wiedervereinigung wie folgt:

I.C.S Vortex:
„I am chuffed and proud to be part of the BORKNAGAR universe once again. Hailing the dawn of a new era, I lionize their splendorous glare.“

BORKNAGAR-Chef Øystein G. Brun:
„Even though Mr. Vortex has been absent from the band for almost a decade due to other musical endeavors, he has always remained a good, loyal and supportive friend of the band. Personally, I have always had a feeling that our paths would cross again — and now they do. I would like to welcome Mr. Vortex back in the fold, and I am really excited to get another opus done with the strongest lineup BORKNAGAR has ever had. Just imagine the musical potential having two of the best and most renowned vocalists in the scene in the same band. This is surely a huge step forward and another exciting chapter in the musical legacy of BORKNAGAR — and I feel like a lucky bastard being part of this. The new album will surely knock your socks off and set some new standards in the world of metal!“

Lars A. Nedland:
„Vortex and Vintersorg in the same band! Can you imagine the possibilities here? Can you imagine the choirs? The vocal duels? The sheer musical potential? Let me tell you: If you are a BORKNAGAR fan, these are exciting times.“

„The Vortex has made a touchdown in the BORKNAGAR camp again. It feels very inspiring just to think about starting to shape vocal lines with this in mind. Time to make some epic music!“

David Kinkade:
„Nothing can describe the potent amount of excitement that has been flowing through my veins since this became a reality for BORKNAGAR. Having two of the most talented, unique and well-rounded singer/musicians that I’ve ever known….now together in the same band. The creativity behind this effort is off the chart. Be ready. Limits don’t exist.“

Jens F. Ryland:
„What more is there to say? I can now lean back and enjoy the ride!“

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