Igorrr: Details zum neuen Album

„Spirituality And Distortion“, so lautet der Titel des für 2020 angekündigten neuen Werkes der französischen Ausnahme-Truppe IGORRR, welche heute nicht nur den Namen verraten haben, sondern auch das Artwork präsentieren.

Auf ihrer Facebook-Seite schreiben IGORRR: „This album has been a real hell to create and produce, I’m more than happy to be soon able to share it with you.
This is for now, at least the cover, made by Førtifem.
This album is the result of a really intensive work that has been made on a long time period to deliver the most honest and non-compromising music possible, I hope you will enjoy the music as much as I do now when I’m listening to this album.
More info will be given soon, and in a couple of weeks, I think we gonna upload a first track.“

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