Imperium Dekadenz: Lyrics-Video und Album-Infos

Die deutschen Black-Metaller IMPERIUM DEKADENZ werden am 26. August 2016 ihr neues Album „Dis Manibvs“ über Seasons Of Mist veröffentlichen. Die Tracklist ist bereits ersichtlich, außerdem kann man sich nun bereits vorab den Track „Only Fragments Of Light“ als Stream anhören, über den ihr auch gleich das Artwork zu sehen bekommt.

Die Band über das Album: „Our fifth album ‚Dis Manibvs‘ is without doubt our most diverse output so far. It carries our own mark from the first note, but we have added a new energy. Its epic and melodic parts will carry you off to mysterious and unknown places – like ancient ruins over the vulnerable sides of our spirits. We hope that you will feel the same intensity as we do as we have poured our very hearts and souls into these songs!“

…und über „Only Fragments Of Light“ im Speziellen: „The first song to be released from our forthcoming album also represents its opening salvo. ‚Only Fragments Of Light‘ will give you a solid impression of our new creation. You will find highly energetic parts, but also pure epic moments as well as our typical melancholy. We hope that this song will stir your hunger for more from ‚Dis Manibvs‘.“

Die Tracklist:

01. In Todesbanden
02. Only Fragments Of Light
03. Still I Rise
04. Dis Manibvs
05. Pantheon Spells
06. Vae Victis
07. Volcano
08. Somnia
09. Pure Nocturnal Rome
10. Seikilos

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