Leprous gehen wieder ins Studio

Die Progressive Metaller von LEPROUS werden im kommenden Monat das Studio betreten, um ihr viertes Album und den Nachfolger von „Coal“ (2013) einzuspielen. Sänger und Keyboarder Einar Solberg äußerte sich in einem Interview zum aktuellen Stand der Dinge:

The US and UK tour will be the last for Coal. We wrote 13 sketches of songs, and we’ve been working 3-4 times as much from the previous albums just writing, writing, writing. At least, I’ve had that as a main priority for a very long time. We have a lot of things to choose between, and then we can start to narrow it down to start making it the perfect album and not have to settle, where we can perfect the album.

I think you just have to be open to your influences but not cling to them. The problem is that too many people do things as routine and stop challenging themselves. They stop listening to their inspiration and just do what they think will please. We could have done that with ‘Bilateral,’ because we know how to write that kind of music if that’s what we wanted to do, but it would be a really fake expression. It wouldn’t have been true for us at that moment.


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