Massacre Records signen bekannte Symphonic-Death-Metaller

Vor kurzem wurde verlautbart, dass die deutschen Symphonic-Death-Metaller ATROCITY erneut einen Vertrag bei Massacre Records unterschrieben haben. Frontmann Alex Krull äußerte sich wie folgt dazu: „It’s sheer lunacy: ATROCITY signs with Massacre Records — the label that accompanied the band during its most important and defining period in the mid-’90s and which released ATROCITY classics like ‚BLUT‘, ‚Willenskraft‘ and ‚Werk 80‘. The fact that Jochen Richert and his Soulfood Music team are now on board too — after Soulfood Music and Massacre Records have recently joined forces — makes it perfect! Back then, Jochen was already a successful distribution partner.
We’re looking forward to the collaboration with Thomas and Massacre Records, and we’re going to emerge from the darkness very soon! Let the Swabian invasion begin!“

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