Mehr Neuigkeiten von Mayhem

Erst vor wenigen Tagen wurde die erste Single „Psywar“ vom kommenden Album des Black-Metal-Urgesteins MAYHEM online gestellt (Metal1 berichtete), heute ereilen uns weitere Neuigkeiten von den Norwegern: Die fünfte Platte der Herren um das Gründungsmitglied Necrobutcher wird den Titel „Esoteric Warfare“ tragen und am 23. Mai via Season Of Mist in die Läden kommen.

Sieben Jahre nach ihrem letzten Album „Ordo Ad Chao“ stellen MAYHEM aber nicht nur „Esoteric Warfare“ vor, sondern werden anlässlich ihres Bandjubiläums von 30 Jahren auch die 2000 veröffentlichte Platte „Grand Declaration Of War“ als Re-Release auf den Markt bringen. Voraussichtlich wird das Album im April, ebenfalls via Season Of Mist, erscheinen.

Darauf zu finden sind folgende Tracks:

01. A Grand Declaration Of War
02. In The Lies Where Upon You Lay
03. A Time To Die
04. View from Nihil
05. A Bloodsword And A Colder Sun
06. Crystalized Pain In Deconstruction
07. Completion In Science Of Agony
08. To Daimonion

01. Silvester Anfang / Fall of Seraphs
02. Carnage
03. View From Nihil
04. To Daimonion
05. Freezing Moon
06. Chainsaw Gutsfuck
07. Pure Fucking Armageddon
08. To Daimonion
09. View From Nihil
10. In The Lies Where Upon You Lay
11. Crystalized Pain In Deconstruction
12. Completion In Science Of Agony

Weitere Informationen könnt ihr aus dem Statement von Season Of Mist entnehmen:
2014 sees MAYHEM welcome the 30th anniversary of the single most notorious and important band in the history of black metal. With the band’s four revolutionary full-lengths, a legacy of boundless extremity, and an ethic rooted firmly in the principle of no compromise, MAYHEM are the archetype that three generations of black metal bands follow as law. After a 30 year history, MAYHEM reign as kings of the underground; ensuring that their shadow will be cast not just over the first 30 years of an entire genre to date, but for the next 30 years to come as well. MAYHEM is the Alpha and the Omega of black metal. MAYHEM’s new full length showcases a band who follow their own path in extreme music, one that is equally violent and turbulent.

2014 will also see the reissue of the iconic and controversial ‘Grand Declaration of War’, originally released in 2000. The album will be backed by 2001’s ‘European Legions’ CD, made of live tracks and pre-production versions of songs from ‘Grand Declaration of War’.

So yes, MAYHEM and Season of Mist are teaming up again, 15 years after the inception of their collaboration.

“We were chilling at this brothel in France after a gig”, the band comments. “Suddenly, coming out from one of the dungeon rooms, we saw a well known, oddly shaped figure. Of course we started to have a “few” drinks with the bastard, and the rest of the night is a black hole. In the morning we woke up with a new contract between us and Season of Mist. The rascal tricked us, AGAIN!”

Season of Mist chairman Michael Berberian adds: “When the question was raised to work with Mayhem again, I thought to myself “Oh please, not again”. I mean, that girl was pretty in the 90’s, but since then years of drugs, party and abuse took their toll. But nevertheless, for old times’ sake, and also remembering that chick always delivered, we made an offer. And we added a dental plan, knowing that would make the difference as they are getting in THAT age…

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