Motörhead: Lemmy wieder fit für die Bühne?

MOTÖRHEAD haben in einem Statement zu Lemmys Gesundheit bekanntgegeben, dass der Fronter nach einer Lungeninfektion, die durch die Höhenluft in Denver verschlimmert wurde, nach ärztlicher Behandlung jetzt wieder fit für die Bühne ist. Demnach wird die derzeite US-Tour zum 40jährigen Jubiläum von MOTÖRHEAD am morgigen Dienstag in St. Louis fortgesetzt. Das Statement der Band liest sich wie folgt:

„The wait is over and the Doc has spoken. Lemmy had a lung infection (exacerbated by that Denver altitude) which has now been taken care of. Subsequently, Lemmy’s ready to give it a go in St. Louis at The Pageant theater on Tuesday, Sept 9th where Motörhead will continue the 40th Anniversary tour in support of their new album “Bad Magic”.

Amidst all the wonderful support Lemmy has received, many have rightfully said he owes us nothing as he has given us everything. We, however, owe Lemmy something…our total respect for his fierce, single-minded and beautifully stubborn determination to continue burning asphalt, playing rock’n’roll and live where he has always been most comfortable – on the road!

Thanks again for all your support and see you soon!

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