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Das britische Rock’n’Roll-Trio NAKED SIX hat das Musikvideo zur neuen Single „Song Of The City“ veröffentlicht. Das Debütalbum „Lost Art Of Conversation“ erscheint am 6. März 2020 über Silver Lining Music. Das Video wurde in ihrer Heimatstadt Manchester gedreht.

Sänger Seb Byford kommentiert: We wrote this song around the time we first moved to Manchester. As beautiful a city as it is, there is also a dark cloud that hangs over these streets. You’ve only gotta take a walk through town to see this. There are people starving and dying out there, yet we treat it as if it were normal. Something has to change. This song is about a man who once had it all but then had his future snatched from him.“


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Tracklist „Lost Art Of Conversation“:
01. 21st Century Brawl
02. Song Of The City
03. Lost Art Of Conversation
04. Sticky Gum
05. Gimme Something
06. Peace By The Pistol
07. Split
08. Poison Apple
09. Grapevine Telegraph
10. The Change
11. Outside Looking In

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