Norther haben einen Sänger gefunden

Aleksi Sihvonen heißt der neue Mann am Mikrofon bei NORTHER. Er ersetzt Petri Lindros, welcher nur wenige Wochen zuvor die Band verlassen hat.

Die Band dazu auf Myspace:
“After ahard search for a new vocalist we are honoured to announce Aleksi Sihvonen asour new lead singer. Hes a creative and diverse vocalist with loads ofexperience. He will surely add new input to the band with his talent andvariable singing styles, and most importantly: his personality fits to the bandperfectly.
Besides this we have recruited, our old friend, DanielFreyberg as live guitarist to complete our team. We also want to thank allof you worldwide who applied for the new vocalist spot!
We hereby welcomeour great new guys, Aleksi and Daniel, to the band and we will present you thefresh NORTHER line-up live soon!”

Es gibt bereits den Song „Frozen Angel“ als „DemoVersion“ mit neuem Sänger als Stream. Zum Song