Phantom Winter suchen neuen Bassisten

PHANTOM WINTER haben heute bekannt gegeben, dass ihr Bassit Martin die Band auf eigenen Wunsch verlassen hat, um mehr Zeit für seine Familie, Gesundheit und Arbeit zu haben. Nun sind die Jungs aus Würzburg auf der Suche nach einem neuen Mann am Bass.

Lest hier die kompletten Statements:

„Our good friend and bassplayer Martin left Phantom Winter yesterday. He told us, that he needs more time for family, health and work. Even if we are not happy about it, because we will spend way less time with him, now that we won‘t be in the tourbus and the rehearsal room any more, we wish him all the best and we hope to meet him as often as possible, because he is hell of a great guy to hang out with.
Cheers, Martin!“

So if you know a bassplayer in the Würzburg-area who could fit into a bunch of 40 year old phantoms…tell us! Male, female, whatever, we don‘t care. Should be into black humour, black magic and black underwear. Should be reliable and ready for weekly rehearsals and 15-20 shows a year. Whatever.“