Primordial auf Schlagzeugersuche

Die Iren PRIMORDIAL haben sich nach fast 15 Jahren aus nicht näher genannten Gründen von ihrem Schlagzeuger Simon O´Laoghaire getrennt. In Folge dessen sucht die Band nun einen Ersatz – ihre Kriterien sind folgendem Statement zu entnehmen:

Due to circumstances beyond our control we are now left in a positionto advertise for a drummer.
We need someone who is determined, committed to their craft,stepping up to the plate of touring and playing bigfestivals. Previous experience would of course be preferable.
No half measures, no glass is half empty attitudes. Someonewho will bring their style and energy to the band and of course afucking killer drummer. Nothing less.

There is a new album in the offing, the possibility of standing on thestages of some of the biggest metal festivals in 2011 andof course some form of income from those….

It’s preferable they know extreme metal of course, that’s where wecame from, but more importantly, the Maidens, Sabbaths, Motorheads andThin Lizzys of this world as that’s where the drumming in Primordialhas for the most part been holding court…Samples available on

We rehearse in Dublin of course so a proximity to there is preferablebut we are not adverse to someone from abroad who can work hard whenthe time comes and is near enough to a Ryan Air terminal, or arelocation to Dublin is also a possibility….

If you are interested please contact

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