Satyricon: Re-Release von „Nemesis Divina“

Zum 20. Jahrestag von „Nemesis Divina“ werden SATYRICON das Album über Napalm Records neu auflegen. Das Remastering wurde von Satyr selbst übernommen.

Er kommentiert: “Everything expanded tenfold with Nemesis Divina. For most people who liked the first two records, Satyricon climbed to a whole different level on Nemesis Divina and people really started to love the band. This album has a special place in our history. Suddenly we were selling 80,000 and then 100,000 records, and those numbers were unheard of in our small part of the world. That was the record that everyone that was into this scene wanted to buy. If you say there are two stages of evolution in black metal – the 80s, with Venom and Celtic Frost and Bathory, and then the 90s with the Norwegian stuff and everything followed in its wake – there are, at most, a handful of albums and a handful of songs that really define modern day black metal. Nemesis Divina is definitely one of those records and Mother North is definitely one of those songs.“

Die Band wird das Album während einer Reihe von Konzerten zum ersten und einzigen Mal in voller Länge live spielen. Hier die Termine:

10.06.16 SE-Norje, Sweden Rock Festival
18.06.16 BE-Dessel, Graspop
08.07.16 Harzgerode, Rockharz Festival
12.08.16 CZ-Jaromer, Brutal Assault
13.08.16 AT-Graz, Metal On The Hill Festival
14.08.16 UK-Walton On Trent, Catton Park
19.08.16 Sinbronn, Summer Breeze
27.08.16 Crispendorf, Wolfzeit Festival

More dates to come…

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