Schrei für Crystal Viper

Wer schon immer mal auf einem Album vertreten sein wollte, hat hier seine Chance. Die polnischen Schwermetaller CRYSTAL VIPER suchen für ihr nächstes Studioalbum „Possession“, das am 13. Dezember via AFM erscheinen soll, noch Verstärkung. Lest selbst das Statement von Sängerin Marta Gabriel:

„It seems people really enjoy concept albums we do, so our next release will be concept album as well, but even more twisted you all can imagine.

Inviting special guests that were recording with us is already kind of tradition for CRYSTAL VIPER, but this time we decided to go one step further, and we decided to invite people who are most important for us, people who give us energy and strenght to continue: our fans!

Here’s the deal: we want to have YOUR scream on the next CRYSTAL VIPER album! And ANY scream is welcomed! How to do it? Simply record yourself screaming: use your iPhone, smart phone, computer, or any other recording device you can find, and send mp3 or wav file with the recording to Just type ‚CRYSTAL VIPER SCREAM‘ in the subject line — and don’t forget to tell us your full name, as you will be listed in the booklet of the next CRYSTAL VIPER album as a special guest!

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