Sevendust: Deal mit Rise Records

SEVENDUST haben einen Plattenvertrag mit Rise Records abgeschlossen. Die Aufnahmen zum zwölften Studioalbum starten im Herbst mit Michael „Elvis“ Bankette (Alter Bridge, Tremonti, Slash). Die Veröffentlichung ist für Frühjahr 2018 geplant.

Gitarrist John Connolly erklärt: „For Sevendust, it was important to find a label that understood where we’ve been and have some new ideas and strategies on where we can go. Through our 20 years playing together, we have garnered the best fans in the world that have become our extended family. Rise from the very beginning explained a very unique game plan to us that we feel like is going to help us celebrate our die hard Sevendust fans and expose us to new ones. There is an excitement we feel just knowing the Rise team is going to be behind this new chapter of our career.“

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