Slipknot: Ohne Gitarrist Root auf Tour

SLIPKNOT sind seit Samstag im Rahmen des Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festivals auf Tour in Amerika – leider vorerst ohne ihren Gitarristen Jim Root, der sich derzeit von einem Blinddarmdurchbruch erholt:

„We’re sorry to announce that our brother Jim Root will not be performing with us at [Rockstar Energy Drink] Mayhem [Festival] today in San Bernardino due to serious health issues. Jim has been seriously sick for the past two weeks and went to the hospital last week where he was advised that his appendix burst a couple weeks before and that it could have been life-threatening. Jim is at home recovering and is awaiting surgery to have pieces of his appendix removed and hopes to join the tour as soon as he is able. SLIPKNOT will continue to headline the Mayhem festival and all other shows. We refuse to let our fans down and will not miss a single date. We will miss Jim greatly and our thoughts are with him. Jim sends his love to each and every one of our fans.“

Die erste Show fand in San Bernardino statt, wo mit 26105 zahlenden Gästen der bisherige Besucherrekord des Mayhem Festivals geschlagen wurde.

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