Sodom kündigen neues Album an

Die deutschen Thrash-Veteranen SODOM haben für den 26. August die Veröffentlichung ihres nächsten Albums angekündigt. Das Werk wird den Titel “Decision Day” tragen und sich entsprechend thematisch mit dem D-Day, dem Tag der Invasion der Alliierten Truppen in der Normanie im Jahr 1944 befassen.

Für den Sound der Scheibe zeichnet Cornelius ´Corny` Rambadt, Tontechniker und Schlagzeuger von Angelrippers Projekt Onkel Tom verantwortlich.

Das Cover (siehe unten) stammt aus der Feder von Joe Petagno, der bereits für Pink Floyd und Led Zeppelin, vor allem aber Motörhead gearbeitet hat und deren Artworks zu “Overkill”, “Bomber”, “Orgasmotron” und “Another Perfect Day” entworfen hatte.

Hier das volle Facebook-Statement der Band:

Tom Angelripper is proud and excited to announce the release of the new Sodom album Decision Day for August 26th 2016. Together with his two comrades-in-arms, guitarist Bernemann and drummer Markus “Makka” Freiwald, Angelripper spent four months at the studio honing the new Sodom material. The result is a hard-as-nails, diverse thrash metal offering on the subject of D-Day, the day in June 1944 when the troops of the Western Allied forces landed in Normandy to liberate mainland Europe from the scourge of Nazi Germany. Songs such as ´Belligerence`, ´Decision Day` and ´Strange Lost World` present the Sodom frontman once more as a historically well-versed contemporary witness and critical observer of current international events. Decision Day was produced by Cornelius ´Corny` Rambadt, sound engineer and drummer with Angelripper’s side project Onkel Tom. The new release is bound to cause a stir, not least thanks to its impressive artwork courtesy of none other than Joe Petagno. As well as having worked for Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, Petagno is also Motörhead’s favoured graphic designer and has created legendary album covers such as Overkill, Bomber, Orgasmatron and Another Perfect Day. Angelripper: “I was surprised and proud to learn how familiar Joe is with Sodom, immediately bringing up associations of our ´Knarrenheinz` when we talked about the artwork. For a Motörhead fan like myself, this cover is an absolute dream come true.” Petagno: “After having spoken with Tom about the current state of world affairs and heard some brilliant tracks from the album I wanted to visualize the History of Man from the dawn of creation to the mess we have today. Firstly and rather obviously it’s World War 3. However on psychological and symbolic level it’s considerably more. I used Knarrenheinz as a symbol for the countless numbers who have soldiered on thru’ the centuries in one guise or another just to get us here anno 2016 where we seem to be on the brink of another possible eruption.”



Sodom - - Decisions Day

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