Stratovarius haben einen neuen Drummer

Nach dem Weggang von Schlagzeuger Jörg Michael können die finnischen Symphonic Metaller von STRATOVARIUS nun den neuen Mann hinter der Schießbude vorstellen: Es ist der 24-jährige Rolf Pilve von Status Minor/Random Eyes/Solution .45, den die Gruppe in einem offiziellen Statement als „couragierten und talentierten Drummer“ charakterisiert.

Sänger Timo Kotipelto kommentiert:
„Although the competition was fierce, Rolf was clearly the best one of the bunch. His precise playing, sureness and right attitude was there right away. He has an astonishing technique and to top that of he has a very musical way of playing, so he can bring something of his own into our old songs as well. Rolf has played a variety of different styles of metal, so fast tempos or more progressive parts will not be a problem. Whatever songs we might compose in the future – I have no doubt that he will be able to play them. He had to be a really good player, but also a nice guy. We were not looking for a Jörg Michael clone.“

Was der neue Mann im Team dazu sagt, lest ihr hier:
„I had prepared for the audition thoroughly, learning all the songs we agreed on, with the live-endings and everything. In addition to that I had also learned some extra songs just to be safe. Playing with the guys was excellent, and already the next day after the audition I got to hear that I had been the best one of the drummers they had auditioned. What followed was yet another audition where we would play more casually and jam.“

Vorgänger Jörg Michael war 16 Jahre lang Mitglied von STRATOVARIUS und spielte 2011 seine letzte Tour mit der Band. Eine der letzten Shows dieser Tour in Finnland wurde aufgenommen und soll am 27. Juni unter dem Titel „Under Flaming Winter Skies – Live In Tampere“ als DVD veröffentlicht werden.

Auch dazu hat die Band weitere Infos:
„The DVD is the first live DVD the band has ever released, and sadly it is the final for Jörg Michael. It includes two hours of a very powerful live show, plus a 30 minute long documentary about the band with interviews with all band members. It is a must-have for all STRATOVARIUS fans with lots of inside information, very honest interviews, and the once in a lifetime departure of an outstanding member and friend: Jörg Michael. Even though he will still be working for the band on the management and agency side, it was a dramatic and nostalgic moment when he finally left the stage. As a bonus track, the Bluray disc contains a 5.1 mix of the 18 minute song “Elysium” from the last studio album with the same name.“

Rolf Pilve wird sein Live-Debüt mit STRATOVARIUS am 11. Juli in Tavastia, Helsinki absolvieren.

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