Suicide Silence geben neuen Sänger bekannt

Die kalifornischen Deathcoreler von SUICIDE SILENCE haben bekannt gegeben, dass All-Shall-Perish-Sänger Hernan „Eddie“ Hermida ab sofort den Sängerposten besetzen wird, der seit dem Tod von Mitch Lucker, der am 1. November 2012 in einem Motorrad-Unfall verunglückt und gestorben war, frei war.

Die Band äußerte sich dazu wie folgt:

„For those of you unfamiliar, our relationship with Eddie goes way back to the ‚Spreading Disease Tour‘, our first U.S. headlining run, in 2006. [Late SUICIDE SILENCE singer] Mitch [Lucker] and Eddie remained longtime friends and we felt that if the band were to continue, it should be with someone Mitch knew personally and respected as both a friend and an artist. We’ve chosen Eddie as our new frontman in association with this long-standing relationship and countless other attributes, from his quality of character to his dynamic vocal abilities that make him the absolute best fit for this band.
„We hope you all will embrace this decision with open arms understanding that this is what Mitch would have wanted. He would want his brothers to stick together and carry forward what he helped create. Every time we step on stage, it will be in his honor and for his legacy.