Triptykon geben „Eparistera Daimones“ ein Gesicht

„Eparistera Daimones“, das Debüt-Album von TRIPTYKON, der neuen Formation um Hellhammer/Celtic Frost-Sänger und Gitarrist Tom Gabriel Warrior hat nun auch ein Gesicht bekommen, für welches sich der schweizer Künstler H.R. Giger (Cover) sowie der New Yorker Surrealist Vincent Castiglia (Bandportrait) verantwortlich zeigen.

Das Cover könnt ihr unter folgenden Statements der Beteiligten Künstler betrachten.

HR Giger:
I am very proud to work with Triptykon. My art hasn´t appeared on an album cover for quite some time, and I feel honored to have been approached by Tom about such a collaboration for Triptykon´s very first release.

Vincent Castiglia:
It´s been a tremendous honor to work with both Triptykon and HR Giger on the forthcoming release of Eparistera Daimones. It was a project of enormous depth for me, conceptually as well as visually. I think the resonance between Triptykon´s music, Giger´s art, and my work is extremely powerful, and it coalesces in quite an amazing, and singular way.

Tom Gabriel Warrior:
We feel deeply privileged to be able to adorn our very first album with the work of two artists we respect enormously. To us, their astonishing contributions convey significant symbolism both with respect to our personal frame of mind as well as for this particular album and its history.It is an immense pleasure to be able to work with HR Giger again. He was one of our most significant mentors during the days of Hellhammer and early Celtic Frost, and he is an extraordinary human being and an artist without equal.
Vincent Castiglia has become a close friend in recent years, and we both sensed that the time had come to create something truly unique together. I am infinitely grateful that he has lent us his incredible talent, not least because I know he incorporates as much passion, darkness, and pain into his work as I do, too.

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