Uada: Europa-Tour ersatzlos gestrichen

Die US-Black-Metaller UADA haben ihre für Frühjahr 2021 angesetzte Europatour mit VELNIAS, REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER und SOLBRUD ersatzlos gestrichen. UADA planen aber, 2022 nach Europa zurückzukommen. Hier das Statement der Band im O-Ton:

„It is with great regret that we inform you of another cancellation due to COVID-19. Although this one was expected we had to try again with the small remainder of hope left within.
We know many musicians are longing to get back to the stage and that many music fans around the world are also equally eager to again embrace one of the most powerful human energy sharing experiences on the planet. There is nothing that beats nor can replace the movement and electricity of live music.
As we move forward we will continue to work on our next opus, now and through 2021. Plans for a return to Europe are being set for 2022 and more news should be announced later next year.
Our deepest appreciation goes out to our label, booking agent and all the promoters who have worked hard to set up this tour not once but twice. We know a lot of work will go unrewarded but we will not forget your efforts and support. We send our greatest admiration to the bands as well as all bands who continue to stay diligent in dark times. We look forward to sharing stages with you all around the world again someday. And last but certainly not least, to the restless fans who we also share our gratitude and admiration with. Know that our fire burns as bright as ever and it shall light our path through the darkness to find you once again in time; for all points in time and space are connected.
Until we see you again stay strong, stay safe and most importantly stay haunted.“

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