Watain: Releasedate zur „Opus Diaboli“-DVD

Anlässlich ihres 13. Geburtstags werden WATAIN am 04.05.12 die DVD „Opus Diaboli“ veröffentlich. Auf dieser soll unter anderem ein Live-Mitschnitt eines Konzertes in Stockholm entstanden sein. Das Release wird über das bandeigene Label His Master’s Noise erscheinen, zudem wird ein Limited Box Set zu haben sein, dem ein Fotobuch mit vielen unveröffentlichten Aufnahmen aus der Karriere der Band beiliegen soll.

„This movie was first meant to be the recording of our 13 Year Anniversary concert, but as everything with Watain it took on a life on it’s own and became one of our most ambitious projects to date. It is a very personal and emotional piece of work and certainly not for the faint at heart. But for those who wish to explore the glimmering abyss of Watain further, this will be a rewarding release for sure. The box version of Opus Diaboli also contains an exclusive photobook. It was an overwhelming experience going through the massive archives in search of the photos that best summed up the storm of passionate turmoil that has been journey, especially since we wanted to stay away from livephotos and focus more on moments off stage. The result was however very satisfying, a rare and spicy mixture of photos of which most have never been published before. We are also proud to announce that this will be the first release on our own label „His Master’s Noise“, a name originating from Bathory who had it in mind for their own label back in the early 1980s. Just as with our merch store wolfwear.net -from which the limited box set will be available- this time we have chosen to stand by our own and do things our way.“

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