Ye Banished Privateers: Lyric-Video zu zweiter Single online

Die Schweden YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS haben das Lyric-Video zu „Elephants‘ Dance“ ins Netz gestellt. Der Song  ist die zweite Single aus dem kommenden Album „Hostis Humani Generis“, das am 7. Februar 2020 über Napalm Records erscheint.

Die Band kommentiert: „According to an old African saying, when the elephants dance – it’s the grass that gets trampled. British sailors bled for Queen Anne during the war of the Spanish Succession, was dismissed by King George after the treaty of Utrecht, only to be drafted as cannon fodder again during the War of the Quadruple Alliance.

With „Elephants‘ Dance“ we tell the story of those sailors who had enough and went on the account in the self-proclaimed pirate colony of Nassau. There, Governor Woodes Rogers landed in 1718 with an offer and an ultimatum: Lay down your arms and become a law obiding British citizen again, and all your crimes will be pardoned. Refuse, and you shall be hunted down and stand trial for piracy.“


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Tracklist „Hostis Humani Generis“:
01. No Prey, No Pay
02. Hush Now My Child
03. Blame The Brits
04. Capstan Shanty
05. Elephants‘ Dance
06. Swords To Plowshares
07. Flintlock
08. Parting Song
09. Rowing With One Hand
10. A-Swinging We Must Go
11. They Are Marching Down On High Street
12. Death Of Bellows
13. Why The Big Whales Sing
14. Master Of My Fate (Bonus Track – Deluxe Box)
15. Sawbone’s Stew (Bonus Track – Deluxe Box)

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