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Erst letztes Jahr haben sich die finnischen Symphonic-Folk-Metaller KIVIMETSAN DRUIDI mit der EP The Lost Captains vielversprechend zurückgemeldet, nun steht jedoch das Ende der Band an. Hier das offizielle Statement zum offenbar endgültigen Rücktritt der Gruppe:

Hails to all fans, friends and colleagues!

The saga of Kivimetsän Druidi has reached the last chapter of its 13 years. We have decided to, so to say, pack it up and move on to new waters. The decision to quit was a hard one and it was considered carefully and for a long, long time. Unfortunately the soul of the art called Kivimetsän Druidi waned and ultimately perished, regardless of the many efforts to renew and resuscitate it: finally, we just had to let it go.

As Druidi, we experienced unbelievably cool tours, long road trips, awesome gigs, awesome people, exceedingly tasty beers, senseless messing around, temper tantrums – and the list goes on. Thank you, everybody for everything, we hope that what we accomplished to make real will keep inspiring and annoying people for many years onwards! Fans, we will miss you sorely, and yours are the greatest thanks of them all: if it wasn’t for you, this journey would have been way shorter.

Over and out,
Kivimetsän Druidi

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