Thousand Below: Debüt im Oktober und erster Vorgeschmack

Die Post-Hardcore-Formation THOUSAND BELOW hat das Release ihres Debüts „The Love You Let Too Close“ für den 6. Oktober über Rise Records angekündigt. Einen ersten Vorgeschmack gibt es bereits jetzt mit dem Song „No Place Like You“.

Sänger James Deberg über das Album: „I’ve never been more excited to release a project in my entire life and I truly believe there is a song for every type of music fan on TLYLTC. Be it heavy, sad, emotional, catchy, rock, metal, post-hardcore, whatever sound you like — there’s a song on the album for everyone. The album was written about the emotional hardships of the past two years of my life, and goes in depth about fighting the depression that comes from losing a loved one to suicide, as well as how it changes you as a person and how being so damaged can ruin existing relationships. „The Love You Let Too Close“ is a view into my heart and my mind during a tough time in my life that I hope other people dealing with the same feelings can connect to.“

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