Butcher Babies: Musikvideo-Premiere

Am 27. Oktober erschien die aktuelle Platte „Lilith“ der amerikanischen Heavy-Metaller BUTCHER BABIES über Century Media. Nun legt die Band mit einem Musikvideo zu dem Track „Headspin“ nach. Frontfrau Carla Harvey sagt dazu folgendes: „With ‚Headspin‘, we finally wrote about a topic that we’ve strayed away from for years: sex, one of the most basic human needs. This song drips sensuality and we wanted the video for it to do the same.
We enlisted two pros, Jessa Rhodes and Zander Corvus, to tell this story of lust for us and towed the lines of truth versus fantasy by experimenting with virtual reality. It’s also a bit of social commentary on how much of our reality is skewed in this social media-driven world.“


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