Crimfall streamen neuen Song

Am 25. August 2017 werden die finnischen Epic-Metaller CRIMFALL ihre neue Langrille „Amain“ über Metal Blade herausbringen. Nun könnt ihr euch bereits vorab einen Stream zu dem Track „Mother Of Unbelievers“ anhören, ihr findet ihn weiter unten.

Die Band über ihre zweite Single: „We couldn’t be happier to publish a meaty sample from our forthcoming album. This massive six years of production is finally seeing the light of day and we are more than proud about what we have accomplished. At the same time, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all those dozens of volunteers who have been contributing and helping us to see it through one more battle in CRIMFALL history.
The first single, ‚The Last of Stands‘, represents the most vigorous and pompous side of the album. Expect to be steamrolled from the first note as we unleash the frustration of past years in a single unforgiving assault. Victory or death!“


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