Dimmu Borgir: Gitarrist Silenoz spricht über neue Platte

2017 gibt es wieder Lebenszeichen von den norwegischen Symphonic-Black-Metallern DIMMU BORGIR. Nicht nur erscheint mit „Forces Of The Northern Light“ am 14.04.2017 eine Doppel-Live-DVD/BluRay, sondern auch ein völlig neues Studioalbum ist in Arbeit. Silenoz, Gitarrist bei DIMMU BORGIR, verliert ein paar vielversprechende Worte dazu, die die Richtung, in die das Werk gehen wird, erahnen lassen:

„[…]The orchestral parts on the album are, of course, built up by real orchestra sounds, so I think this album is even sounding more orchestral in the orchestral parts than the previous album. So it hasn’t lost anything from that aspect than the previous album.
To me, it’s, of course, a bit difficult to analyze at the moment, and it probably will be for the next couple of years anyway. But it’s definitely a diverse, very much varied-sounding album. Every song stands perfectly on its own feet and it offers so much stuff. There’s tons of layers as usual, but more controlled, maybe. So I can’t wait for the people and the fans that have been waiting for so many years and also, of course, complaining with good reasons. But I believe that it’s much better for us to do it in our own tempo, and you can’t force art anyway, so that’s just how it is.“

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