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Am 3. März 2017 veröffentlichen die amerikanischen Metalcoreler EMMURE ihr neues Album „Look At Yourself“ über SharpTone Records. Nun gibt es bereits vorab ein Musikvideo zu dem Track „Flag Of The Beast“ zu sehen, das ihr euch gleich hier weiter unten anschauen könnt.

Frontmann Frankie Palmeri über das Video und den Song:
„I was very happy with the video we did with Aaron Marsh. He came to me with a vision based off his interpretation of the song, and he brought it completely to life. He wanted to give me an audience that becomes ultra violent or possessed by the lyrics of the song.
‚Flag Of The Beast‘ represents the idea that I am in fact some sort of evil deity in some people’s eyes, but on the same coin, I am sort of an anti-hero. It is about myself and how I view people that have exited my life or have looked at me like I’m not on the right path. It is about being the epitomy of all things that are against the grain.
You can hate me if it makes you feel better, but I am not going anywhere.“


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