Motionless In White: Keyboarder hat die Band verlassen

Josh Balz, der seit 2006 bei MOTIONLESS IN WHITE am Keyboard stand, hat die Band jetzt aus persönlichen Gründen verlassen. Bei der kommenden “The End Is Here”-Tour wird ein noch namenloser Ersatz für ihn einspringen. Das kommende Album “Graveyard Shift” ist ebenfalls nicht betroffen und soll planmäßig im Laufe des Jahres erscheinen.

Hier das Statement der Band, das sie auf ihrer Facebook-Seite veröffentlichten: “As of today, we regret to announce that after 10 years of time spent with the band, through the highest of highs and lowest of lows, Josh Balz will be departing from Motionless In White.

After many discussions and time spent searching within himself over the past year, Josh has come upon many discoveries of who he now is as a person, and what is truly important to him regarding his future. We respect and whole heartedly understand his decision, and while we are sad to see him go, wish him nothing but great things in the future with his family and pursuing his new dreams and business endeavors. For more information from Josh directly, please visit his twitter @Joshbalz.

Regarding our touring schedule, we will be performing on the rapidly approaching “The End Is Here Tour” exactly as planned, now with a keyboardist to fill in. We will also be playing every show around the globe that we have announced thus far and continuing to tour strongly onward after what has previously been announced.

Regarding our new upcoming record, “Graveyard Shift”, everything is also still exactly as planned, and will be releasing this year on Roadrunner Records.

Thank you, Josh, for your years of dedication in helping MIW become something we only dreamt of being when the band started. It has truly been a pleasure to have shared the road with you and to have so many amazing stories and memories to look back on through it all. You will be missed.”

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