Superball Music: Neue Band gesignt

Superball Music haben das weltweite Signing des Berliner Electro-Rock-Duos BULLET HEIGHT bekanntgegeben. Die Band besteht aus Jon Courtney und Sammi Doll (IAMX), die sich in einer Halloween-Nacht in Berlin getroffen haben und kurz darauf mit den ersten Aufnahmen begannen.

Jon Courntey kommentiert: “I left London, moved to Berlin, rented a dirt-cheap room in an old DDR building & started battering out the music that would go on to become Bullet Height. I wanted to create something darker & heavier than ever before – I’d always written & produced in the past under no creative constraint & that has continued with this new band. From the first vocal session with Sammi I knew we were onto something…Superball caught wind of things…now here we are!”

Sammi Doll fügt hinzu: “Jon and I met through producer Tom Bellamy at a dirty rock bar in Berlin on Halloween. He was looking for someone to collaborate on his new music, we met up a few days later and it became clear that this would turn into something much bigger than expected. It was exactly the release I needed at the time and became a bit of personal therapy.”

Die erste Single „Bastion“ steht bereits zum Anhören bereit:


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