Cradle Of Filth: Cover enthüllt

CRADLE OF FILTH haben das Cover zur ihrer für Juli angekündigten neuen CD „Hammer Of The Whitches“ veröffentlicht. Dani Filth äußerte sich dazu wie folgt:

“The artwork for »Hammer Of The Witches« was created by Latvian Artist Arthur Berzinsh and is a lavish walk-through of the lyricism, drawing on rich Renaissance themes and displaying them in beautiful yet unsettling scenarios. Half of the detailed pieces are totally original for the release, others are Berzinsh classics cunningly tailored to the themes of the album, which are themes rife with heady witchcraft, be it persecution, retribution or unfettered spiritual liberation. The female form is rampant throughout the artwork, unashamedly displayed in its classical rendition of beauty… and horror.”


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