Powerwolf mit Aufforderung an ihre Fans


Die Band POWERWOLF veröffentlichte folgendes Statement mit der Bitte um die Hilfe der Fans:

„As you might have heard before, we´re currently working on a live release, which is expected to come sometime in 2016.
And we`d like to integrate YOU, our great fans & supporters in the booklet by printing your fan-art (drawings, banners), Tattoos, or whatever Powerwolf-related madness you might have captured visually.

To participate, simply send your piece of art by January 15th to powerwolf@napalmrecords.com in the best quality possible.
So, let us see your stuff and with a bit of luck become part of the live-release’s booklet!!!
Please note: By submitting your content, you confirm and warrant that you  are the legal owner of all rights of the corresponding content. You further explicitly agree that Powerwolf and Napalm Records are entitled to use your foto/artwork/design you sent to us without any limitations in time and content worldwide for the purpose of being implemented in any print and/or digital booklets of the upcoming Powerwolf live DVD at no charge. You will be notified in writing (e-mail) if your piece of art gets chosen for the booklet.“

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